Forgiveness & The Possibility of Reconciliation.

A safe space to consider forgiveness and the possibility of reconciliation .

“We are all on a journey through life. In one way or another, we are all connected. We all hurt one another. Sometimes that hurt is devastating.” Desmond Tutu.

Sometimes that hurt comes from an organisation like the church or maybe a person that we trusted and loved…

FORGIVENESS IS NOT SAYING “It’s fine, It doesn’t matter!”. We do however believe there is a way in which we can receive and give forgiveness to enable ourselves to be free to grow.

It has been clinically proven that if we hold on to bitterness and anger or regret, our bodies and our mental health are affected. If we hold onto these negative emotions can prevent us from recognising and grasping new opportunities, experiences and relationships.

Kasama would like to create safe, “sanctuary” like spaces for mediation and reconciliation to suit all incomes, budgets and situations. We are compiling a list of places and people who can accommodate this much needed service.

If you would like to chat about this subject or have a confidential conversation with us, we are happy to meet with you in a safe confidential place. Please get in contact.