Kasama’s Council of reference.

Kasama’s Council of Reference.

We are supported by a council of reference,made up of respected church leaders,community leaders and respected individuals well known within their fields of work and communities.

As well as endorsing us, they have made themselves available to us for valuable friendship and advice and to help us to stay in touch with what is happening in the wider church and the wider world.They have also very kindly offered to help out, teach,discuss and contribute to our blogs from time to time.

The Revd Diana Greenfield, currently Pioneer minister for Glastonbury St John and St Benedict with Meare [Benefice] and Street with Walton [Benefice], is to also be appointed Adviser on New Religious Movements and alternative spiritualties by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

John William Drane is a theologian who is probably best known for his two best-selling books on the Bible, Introducing the Old Testament and Introducing the New Testament ( translated into more than sixty languages worldwide). He studied in the University of Aberdeen where he was a student of I. Howard Marshall, and he holds a PhD from the University of Manchester, where his mentor was F. F. Bruce. His doctoral research focused on Gnosticism in relation to early Christian thought and practice. This interest in esoteric spirituality later became a bridge between his study of the Bible and his concern for Christian mission, with particular reference to cultural change and the emergence of New Spirituality.

Married to Olive Fleming Drane, with whom he has three children. She also holds a postgraduate degree in theology and is a Visiting Fellow of St John’s College, Durham, as well as being an affiliate professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, California. They regularly work together in both church and academic settings.

Cole Moreton is a writer and broadcaster exploring who we are and what we believe in. He has written for the Mail on Sunday, Guardian, Sunday Times, Financial Times and Newsweek and was formerly executive editor of the Independent on Sunday. Cole was named Interviewer of the Year at the Press Awards in 2016.

His radio series The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away – the true story of a modern medical miracle – won Audio Moment of the Year at the Arias, the British radio industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. It also won gold for Best Writing and in two other categories at the World’s Best Radio Programs awards in New York in 2017: Cole’s Hungry for Home (Viking Penguin) was shortlisted for the prestigious John Llewelyn Rhys Prize for first book in 2001. His third book Is God Still An Englishman? (Little, Brown) explores changes in British culture and spirituality over the last 30 years. His fourth and most recent book is The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away (Harper Collins). ColeMoreton is a musician and storyteller who performs solo and with his ba nd The Pilgrim Mothers. He is a long-time contributor to the Greenbelt festival of faith, art and justice and has appeared at many other festivals including Cheltenham and Ways With Words. He has taught courses in writing for the Arvon Foundation and Westminster University. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists, the Society of Authors and the Royal Literary Society, as well as the Quaker-based Penn Club in London.

Cole was born and raised in the East End of London but now lives in Sussex where he spends as much time as possible staring out to sea. He is co-founder of Wild Spirit, a monthly gathering of people of all faiths and none seeking to acknowledge and encounter the sacred in the open air.


Ian Adams is a poet, writer and photographer working with themes of spirituality, culture and human-being within the natural world. Ian’s first complete collection of poems Unfurling is out now. He is also the author of  Wilderness Taunts,  Running Over Rocks and Cave Refectory Road, the creator of the daily Morning Bell, co-director of the StillPoint project and Spirituality Adviser for CMS

Author and international speaker; David Cole,Founder of Waymark Ministries (www.waymarkministries.com); ‘Explorer Guide’ and member of the Caim Council for The Community of Aidan & Hilda (www.aidanandhilda.org.uk)

Paul Cudby

Paul is the Bishop of Birmingham’s Adviser for New Religious Movements and specializes in Christian-Pagan interfaith relations. He is also a Parish Priest in the Diocese of Birmingham, serving as the vicar of St. Mary Magdalene, Tanworth in Arden. Allied to the work he does in these two roles, Paul is one of the originators of the Forest Church movement and one of the core-group for Ancient Arden Forest Church.

When not writing or fulfilling his duties as vicar, Paul can be found in pubs, clubs and the occasional church hall with his wife, professional musician Alison Eve, busying himself on an array of djembes, tank drum, kit and cymbals. Prior to all of this, Paul worked in natural rubber research for eleven years as an electron microscopist, and wonders sometimes how he started there and ended here…

Paul has just written and released

The Shaken Path.A Christian Priest’s Exploration of Modern Pagan Belief and Practice

Alison Cudby

Alison began her ritual life in the evangelical/charismatic culture of the Christian church, but has moved since then into a deeper appreciation of ritual, liturgy, and contemplation. She seeks to bring these different streams together in her work, and enjoys exploring the space between them. This parallels a musical journey through heavy metal, ‘celtic’ folk-rock, world music and medieval music, all of which she seeks to bring into her worship material, sometimes all at once!

In recent years, Ali has been exploring earth-based spiritual paradigms, in particular Druidry, and is a member of the Order Of Bards, Ovates And Druids, and the Druid Network. She is also follows the Ceile De tradition. Connecting more fully with nature, with the natural rhythms of the seasons has been a crucial piece in the puzzle for enabling ritual and worship and liturgy to foster and develop a ritual life in the everyday.