Where will you find Kasama?

Where will you find us?

Our heart is to create safe spaces in as many places as possible.
A conversation, a henna tattoo, a walk by the beach, an art lesson, a friendly listening ear, a cup of coffee, a cuddle or just plain and simple peace and quiet.

You may find us at Body mind and spirit type events or festivals or meeting regularly with folk in coffee shops or one another’s homes or assisting other groups to set up and run a regular quiet space in their own places of business or home.

We run day retreats and musical events, we love the arts and continually seek new ways to help people engage with the divine through all of our senses.

We love nature and often gather together in open spaces to consider the influence of the divine upon it and our connectedness to it and one another.

Many of us meet with WILD SPIRIT, a gathering of similar souls who meet in the open air to encounter the sacred within the natural world.

Kasama moots are similar in feel but have a deeper intention of relationship and ideas exchange at its core.


Focussing on the teachings of Christ, our own church Anawim also meets regularly indoors and out, using the wheel of the year and the 12 steps to create a safe environment where people can be open about where life is at for them without fear of judgement.

Keep an eye on our events page for an idea of some of the places that we are involved in or would highly recommend.